Ecclesia Clear Lake Podcast
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Audio Content from Ecclesia Clear Lake in League City, TX. Lead Pastor, Coby Cagle.

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    Kingdom Living

    Guest Teacher Brian Reeder of YoungLife explores Luke 6:27-38.

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    Our Imago Dei-ness

    Lead Pastor Coby Cagle explores Luke 6:17-26.

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    Into The Deep

    Lead Pastor Coby Cagle explores Luke 5:1-11

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    El Perdón (Forgiveness)

    Pastor Coby introduces our friend and guest preacher Dasni Godoy, who shares her story of finding freedom through forgiveness.

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    Jesus' First Miracle

    Lead Pastor Coby Cagle examines the first miracle of Jesus in John 2:1-11.

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    Baptism of Our Lord

    On the first Sunday after Epiphany, lead pastor Coby Cagle explores the sacrament of Baptism and how Christ’s baptism is so much more than just an example for believers to follow.

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    Epiphany Sunday

    Lead Pastor Coby Cagle explores the Epiphany story in Matthew 2:1-12

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    The Advent Frontier

    Patrick Turley explores Colossians 3:12-17 on the First Sunday after Christmas.

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